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Cheese grater

11,85 € 29,70 €

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Convenient grating of cheese! Hand grater cheese on your plate!

Included are two different blades, which can be changed as needed.

Grate fresh cheese directly onto a plate or served dish. There are two blades for different roughness. After inserting the selected blade, insert the diced cheese into the grater and turn the handle. The grater will become an indispensable kitchen assistant!

  • size: 16,5 cm x 7,5 cm
  • colour: black and white
  • maintenance: washing with water and detergent
  • dry after cleaning
  • not suitable for dishwasher, nor microwave

Package contents:

  • 1 cheese grater
  • 1 fine grating blade
  • 1 rough grating blade

Illustrative video: &feature=youtu.be

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