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Collapsible food containers

Collapsible food containers

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. = A snack is the basis of the day and thanks to these boxes you can have it the comfy way. These folding boxes work on the screw principle. They are of varying volume, can be used separately, or screwed all together into one larger „bottle“. The last box also includes a loop for better handling. . = Thanks to the compactness and lightness of the cans you simply put them in your purse or bag. Then you can happily go to work or school and enjoy your snacks. However, it is necessary to fill the jars. ;) In the boxes you can add a small snack like: fruits, nuts, vegetables, muesli, but also for fitness devotees protein, supplements or vitamins. The set of jars is simply a super practical gift, and thanks to the neat and tasty content you will be even more happy.

  • Diameter: 6 cm
  • Total heighth: 22,5 cm
  • Volume: 1) 150 ml 2)100 ml 3) 60 ml 4) 30 ml
  • Material: plastic
  • Colour: transparent with black lids
  • 4 boxes of different volumes that can be screwed together into one larger
  • For any kind of break – fruit, nuts, protein, vitamines etc…
  • Your snack easily at school, office, gym…

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