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Fruit picker

10,10 € 16,85 €


Treat yourself to a good dose of vitamins by eating fresh and tasty fruit. This fruit picker will help you pick the best fruits from tall fruit trees. It is very easy to use and you will love it very quickly. Now when picking fruits you do not need to lift the stepladder or ladder, the fruit picker reaches even the highest tree branches!

How to use a fruit picker?

Using the comb is very easy and everyone can handle it. First, select a sufficiently long stick and place the picker on one side. For greater strength, it is better to secure the teaser at the connection point with a self-tapping screw. Now the garlic is ready for use. Bring the basket closer to the fruit of your choice on the tree, insert the comb's teeth under the fruit, and twitch the tumbler so that the fruit falls into the basket. Handle and self-tapping screw are not included.

Detailed description:

  • Material: metal, canvas
  • Basket diameter: 15.7 cm
  • Depth of basket: approx. 20 cm
  • Handle diameter: 2.6 cm
  • Color comb: silver
  • Cart color: white
  • Suitable for picking fruits from tall fruit trees
  • Self-tapping screw hole
  • Handle not included
  • Self-tapping screw not included

Package contents:

  • 1x fruit picker (handle not included)

Illustrative video:

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