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Pro expandable hose - 45 m

74,10 € 172,25 €


. = Flexi hose is automatically extended up to 45 meters.

Ideally for garden maintenance. After filling the water, the hose is automatically extended to three times its original length. The expansion of up to 45 meters in length is guaranteed by a combination of a flexible latex hose along with high-quality and highly durable fabric. The hoses have a very light weight that can be carried by children.

Used not only in the garden, but also in activities such as car washing, carpet and floor washing.

The hose is equipped with a more durable layer of fabric and a 9 degree spray gun.

The hose endings are all-metal, so after connecting to the order, the hoses are not fired as in the plastic end caps.


  • strong and durable – the profi variant has a more durable fabric jacket
  • not getting tangled
  • creates a strong current
  • We don't break
  • storable
  • self-shrinking and stretching
  • light
  • adaptable
  • hose ends are all-metal
  • The gun has 9 degrees spray

Detailed description:

  • dynamic pressure: from 3 to 6 bar
  • Recommended range of use: water with temperature from 5 to 30 ° C
  • latex hose wrapped in a more durable fabric jacket
  • hose end diameter: 1 ”(24.5 mm)
  • water terminal connection: 1 ”(24.5 mm)
  • Reducer to terminal: 3/4 ”(20mm)
  • material: latex, rubber, polyester, brass
  • pistol: 9 degrees spray: shower, fog sprayer, cone nozzle, rinse nozzle, down stream nozzle, flat nozzle, strong center nozzle, thick thin nozzle, angle nozzle

Package contents: • 1x Profi shrink tubing 45 m • 1x gun • 1x terminal for connection of order with reduction

Illustration video:

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