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Roll-up space saver bag 50x70 cm

Roll-up space saver bag 50x70 cm

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Roll-up bag will save you a lot of space in the closet or storage room. We all know that more and more clothes are accumulating in our apartment or house and it is necessary to sort them or store them somehow. Especially when it comes to winter jackets and winter things, that will certainly be needed for the next season. For these occasions we have a solution: a roll-up vacuum bag. You do not have to use this bag only for clothes, you can also insert blankets, sheets, or you can take them on vacation. By using them in the suitcase for the clothes, you can fit many more things inside.

With roll-up vacuum bags you take up 75% less space in the cabinet. The principle of placement is quite simple. Just put the clothes in the bag, close the zipper and roll up. This will get all the air out of the bag and then just put the bag where you want. End the overcrowded wardrobes and get organized. Save unnecessary things for the next season.

  • Size: 50 x 70 cm
  • Material: plastic
  • Colour: transparent
  • Close by swiveling plastic buckle

Illustrative video:

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