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Waste cleaner

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Easy, fast and efficient waste and drain cleaning.

A quick way to remove dirt from the drain and achieve a free and flowing water flow. The cleaner design is specially adapted for easy handling in the drain. Brushes reliably catch any hair, hair, or food debris that clogs waste pipes.

The package contains one thin cleaner that will release waste in the sink and sink. One wide-head cleaner that captures dirt accumulated in the sink at the bathtub or shower enclosure.

How to use the waste cleaner?

  • Lower the cleaner into the sink so that the bristle side faces down. Turn the cleaner a few times and pull it back up. The specially designed nylon hook cleaning head reliably captures all hair, hair and food debris and restores the flow of water through the pipe. If necessary, clean the head and repeat until the water drains freely.

BENEFITS: two shapes for different channel types reliably remove dirt from the sink restoring water flow into the waste in the bathroom and kitchen fast with easy handling

Detailed description:

  • length: approx. 66 cm
  • black colour
  • nylon bristles
  • 1x thin extension (sink, sink)
  • 1x wide extension (shower, bathtub)

Package contents:

  • 1x cleaner with thin attachment
  • 1x cleaner with flat tip

Video is illustrative only (color may vary):

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